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From MTG Wiki

Vapor Snag was the third set in the Standard format.

The card was released in the fourth cycle of Magic 2011,[1] and was designed by Nate Price. The card’s main mechanic of instant-speed removal was a reference to cards from the Invasion block.

Set information [ edit | edit source ]

In order to prevent confusion, Wizards of the Coast have changed the card’s name to Vapor Snag. As such, “Vapor Snag” should refer to the card as:

This card, while not strictly necessary or relevant to gameplay, has a clear reference to what the card is designed to be and its current status. In the original version of the card, the text “you gain 1 life for each card in your graveyard.” refers to cards in your graveyard from earlier spells or abilities but not from spells you cast in response to casting (or activating) the Vapours ability. This is unchanged in the latest printing of the card. The text “for each card in your graveyard” means cards in your graveyard from the previous turn, but they would not be counted for the “you gain 1 life for each card in your graveyard” text. For instance, if a player casts Vapour of Darkness during his or her upkeep in response to a Vapours, you’d get the first damage trigger, but if Vapour of Darkness enters the battlefield and you cast Vapour of Darkness during the next upkeep, you’d not get the second damage trigger.

The card is used by “drawing” cards after resolving a “Vapor Snag-related effect.” The card is used specifically to do that.[2] Therefore, the card is always drawn (even if it is only “used” with Vapour).

Vapor Sn

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