What do I need to take to the zoo with a baby?

– The puppy may not be in the first crate after your visit, but there are other options available:

– A child. Your young puppy will be happy to cuddle up to your child or toddler.

– A baby. The cub will probably be at your own house or apartment, so take it with you when you visit.

– Any other pet. The dog and cat I see at the market are friendly, but if your dog is a bit nervous about strangers, you may need to talk to another pet-owner to be sure. A pet-owner would have the puppy walk past the door or into the room with the baby. Once the dog is in the room, walk away slowly and say, “Hello baby.” Your dog may be a little startled at first, but will soon calm down.

– Your own baby: Take your baby on the walk with you. If your baby is crying, pick up the child to hold her.

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What if my baby is in danger?

We are here to help you through these stressful times. For questions on puppy care, click here. Or, for general pet questions, click here.

What is the price of a dog or cat at your pet market?

At pet markets you may see different prices for pets – puppies and kittens, for example – so be sure to get the ones that your dog or cat is most comfortable with.

What do you need to know about the pet markets?

There are usually pet markets in the day, but it can be hard to find the one that you really want. This isn’t a problem, though, because pet stores and rescues also have their own markets. If you are concerned about getting the pet that you really want, check the local rescues’ web sites, or ask your local veterinarian or a real-life vet.

Some of the best places to get a puppy are the Humane Societies. You often can sign-up to receive information about adoption from the local humane society and get a discounted adoption price. These adoptions are usually just a few dollars. See the listings by local humane societies or online, if you are concerned about costs.

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If you are interested in selling your cat or dog, there are many resources for this, including the ASPCA’s website.

How much are my dog and cat’s vet bills?