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A: It depends on your individual situation, but you will need to work in a house for at least 20 days without being allowed outside.

B: Dogs are excellent house breakers, can be trained in both human and canine, and are excellent with kids, cats, and ferrets – so can be great at housework – but you must be prepared to share the household. We have not trained our dogs extensively in this way. Some dogs such as Cesar’s Irish Setter, Lola’s German Shorthair or Snaith’s German Shepherd can do a lot of housework. These might also have a tendency to dig, so it may be necessary to train your dog to go to work with a regular set of tools.

C: Most dogs are good housebreakers in most situations. It is worth noting that most dogs are much safer working in a house in which they are trained to work on the first day than they would be working in the house of a stranger. This is an important point. Dogs need to be trained for people to understand their behaviour and how a household should work.

D: Dogs are very adaptable. They’re much more comfortable working alongside their human companions than working in a different house space. However, we do not recommend training your dog to have a particular house space if you are going to use them in the workplace. It may be necessary to train your dog to use a particular living space if they are brought into the workplace.

Note: We are unable to deal with specific housebreaking or housebreaker dog-training questions regarding the German Shepherd Dog or Lola

Pit Bull Dogs

Do Pit Bulls fit into the general category of Full Time Workers or do they fit more into the category of Full Time Pets?

A: While some dogs may qualify for the former category, some are very much not suited to such a lifestyle. They must be properly trained in the house.

B: In general, we make no distinction between dogs that have lived for 6 months in a home or those that have lived for 3 months in a home. If they have lived in a home, most dogs are suited to a very similar lifestyle to that of a typical dog owner. Most dogs do not work at all because of being unable to hold their own in a fight, or because they have not learned the basic basic commands of housebreaking. In general, we would recommend that dogs that have lived for 2 years or more in a home take the

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