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By Dario Cassia

A senior Russian intelligence official has told Reuters that Russia’s GRU military intelligence services had “detonated” two cluster bombs in Syria in December but that the bombings had been a mistake and “would never be repeated.”

© AP Photo / Natacha Pisarenko F-16 Interceptors Return From Syria?

MOSCOW, April 13 (Sputnik), Ekaterina Blinova — In an official statement issued on Monday evening, the spokesperson of the Defense Ministry’s military-intelligence branch stated that two Russian cluster bombs had been dropped in the province of Rastan near the town of Al-Jazira.

The spokesperson stressed that the bombs had exploded in the vicinity of a residential area not far from the base of Russian bombers that are operating in Syria, but the results of the explosion that night were not immediately clear.

© Sputnik / Alexey Kudrin ‘US, Syria Strike Are a Scandal to All Syria Rebels’

However, the spokesman said that the bombing had resulted in the death and injuries of one civilian and four servicemen, including an officer.
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“The GRU [the Russian military intelligence] has confirmed that there were two clusters bombs (used in Syria) but there have been no further reports of the use of cluster bombs in Syria. They were not used again after November [2015]. The results of the test did not show any damage [to any property],” the spokesman added.

He further noted that no other information was gathered from the cluster bomb tests.

Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs had earlier on Monday stated in response to media reports that Russia had dropped cluster bombs in Syria from Hmeymim airbase, the main installation of international coalition planes in the country. The claim had not been independently verified by RIA Novosti.

On Sunday, the Defense Ministry also