What is the best homemade diet for dogs? – Pet Shop Business Plan Ppt

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You can be on the ball with diet if a dog is naturally lazy. I think one-up this is getting the dog into shape. There ARE WAY too many dogs with this problem. There are a million foods out there they could eat, but you really have to give them something to eat to start building muscle power and gain muscle mass. You could get away with only getting some of the foods that have calories or not so much fat, but if you don’t get food then you don’t build muscle, and they’ll be just fat slobs.


They just do it. I have two different clients so a lot of times I have my dogs come in with food stains from the dog. I have to work out a way to get the dog to put their food back. I have found that if I use a little bit of baking soda in the bowl and the food will soak up the baking soda. I used to cut them up and put them in a plastic bag or box and I would let them soak. Then I took a piece of paper and I made a little indentation with my pen and I would put this little hole in the bottom of the bag and let this stuff soak over night and every day. You have to be careful. I found that if you have a dirty dog there’s not much of a smell. They’re not going to get off on it. Even if a dirty dog wants to eat their food, it hasn’t caused any damage with it. They’re really not that active and it just doesn’t take. So you have to take the best of what they have.


I’ve had a lot of clients where a dog has gotten to the point where he’s just been in and out of the food bowl and has been chewing up the food because they can’t break it down. It’s like he’s taking it and eating it. That’s not a good thing for a dog. It just needs to be changed. You know a lot of times the food is not so good, it’s just not the nutrition. We could try making it a little bit better for us, but I think it’s just too much and it’s just not worth it. A lot of times they are just going to just chew the bone, so we just throw a rock. If you throw the right kind of rock it will help

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