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All dogs walkers should have at least 1 year of dog walking experience, and in some cases 2 years of experience. You can get this number from any local dog walking school, or you can ask at your local council.

Many dog walking schools teach a dog walker-to-be class at the end of the session, meaning there is nothing to do while they’re at it. This class teaches you about dog walking, and shows you ways to make your dog’s journey more enjoyable.

What are the dog walking courses that I can get?

Estes Park: Dog-Friendly Hiking -Just a Colorado Gal
Dog Walking in New Zealand – the official dog walking course runs until October 2016.

Dog walking courses offered at local businesses include dog parks, training classes, and training for a specific activity. You can always ask the local training firm for more information about what you’re likely to be taught in their event, and then check websites such as and for a complete directory of dog walking schools in your area.

Can dogs run free with me?

It varies, and the local council regulations are just as complex as those for running with children. It is worth visiting your local council and seeking clarification.

However, there are some restrictions that can apply. If the dog is not off leash when it walks in public, it may still be considered to be a service animal. In this situation, it is considered to be a dog guide, or, in some places, is a service dog or an assistance dog, depending on the exact circumstances.

In most of New Zealand you can enter into a contractual relationship with a local council where this is allowed if you want to.

What do I need to do when I bring a dog into New Zealand?

Bring your dog with you into New Zealand when you travel, however do not expect to be able to pick up the dog. If you plan on returning to New Zealand after leaving it will normally need to be taken back to where you originally picked it up. Dogs will be removed only after checking with local authorities to make sure it is fit for purpose.

What will I need to pack with me when I bring a dog into New Zealand?

The New Zealand Animal Trust’s advice is that it would be a good idea to keep a dog or puppy on you whilst you’re in New Zealand, to make sure it’s not bitten and to make the dog more comfortable

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