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If you’re new to the business – and I mean you – it’s generally fairly inexpensive to walk an 8 to 10 pound dog on a leash, so take your time and pay full price – but remember that your dog won’t enjoy any of the experience but the work! If you do charge for dog walking, be sure to give your dog exercise and treats that you’d bring inside if you’d walked with him. If your dog is in a wheelchair, or needs other assistance to reach a dog run, charge extra for that. When to Call: The first time you call, ask the dog walker to do a brief evaluation, and ask if she or he has any allergies to dogs. Remember, it’s a short walk in a busy location, so you should be able to accommodate whatever the dog is up to. At this point you should have an idea of where the dog is. If it’s walking on a dirt path, try walking under trees and keep in mind that dog walkers who have not done a dog walk have a great deal of training and knowledge of the trail, so you can expect them to have a great deal of experience. If you see a dog walking from the sidewalk, move along and offer assistance to your dog. I recommend not offering assistance on the way to your doorstep or the street; the more dogs, the more distractions people will have to deal with, and the more they have to pay to bring you a toy; it’s expensive for you as well as the dogs. Be polite and helpful, but be firm. Don’t become defensive once you’ve offered assistance. Dogs can be very stubborn. When the dog is walking on a path in a park or neighborhood, do not chase them from the park. If you see someone approaching the dogs (often the first person they see approaching the dogs is a passerby), calmly ask them to stop and go back to where they are. Again, do not become aggressive. The problem here is that the person might think they’re helping, but they’re simply trying to help themselves or avoid having to do more walking on the trail if there’s a dog on it — you want to help as much as possible — but if he or she’s going to walk on the trail, they should slow down to allow the dog on to stay on the trail and get off to their side. After the first couple of bites, do a short evaluation of your dog to see if it’s getting on itchy, and if you think they might need some more attention you can
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