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Most states require a dog grooming license when a dog can get dirty or in poor condition after being taken out of the home by a member of the public. Most states also license dog owners so that they only groom within their own household. Dog groomers, while legally required, are often unwilling to comply. Many dog owners who choose to not obtain a dog grooming license might find this is less than ideal. Some dog owners believe a dog brushing outside their home would violate the pets’ health and safety and thus should be discouraged. State licensing laws differ slightly, but in general, for a state where a license is required if a dog’s condition changes in unsanitary, abnormal or harmful manner, the state does not require a dog grooming license.

However, for states with no license requirement, it is not necessary to obtain a dog grooming license if a dog has been taken from the owner for unsanitary, abnormal, dangerous or harmful condition.

Can states set up an administrative hearing?

Yes, some states have created an administrative hearing process to determine if a dog can be groomed if no state-approved dog grooming licence has been obtained. For example, in the state of Minnesota, if an organization, such as Dog Sense MN, is claiming the dog is unfit to leave the home where the grooming is performed, the dog can be removed by the owner, a veterinary official, a humane society or other person with the legal authority to do so. In some cases, such a hearing can be completed in no less than 5-10 business days and an official ruling issued to the owners of the dog.

State-approved dog grooming procedures

Most states are working to update their dog grooming regulations, often with the goal of eliminating dog grooming licensing requirements. Many of these states are looking to improve dog-person contact for both pets and owners; to create a level playing field in cases in which the pets are not owned by the same person with a formal groomed dog that is licensed by the state. In some states, these changes include creating more flexible procedures; a process whereby the law may require a formal grooming license, but the groomed dog must actually be handled by a licensed person outside the home. In other states, this has occurred with the elimination of grooming licensure.

If there are any questions, you can search for your state’s laws on this topic by state website.

Learn more about licensing your dog by visiting our dog licensing page.

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