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This week’s pet story goes to:

An 11-year-old Golden Retriever dog from the United States was adopted and immediately became the “crown prince” of my family. He’s known by everyone as King. His friends say he’s always there for them and everything from “I miss you” to “Do you want to hang out?” has been said by his owners and staff alike.
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I’m sure if he’d been on a TV show as a puppy, I’d be asking him who was a queen, with him as the queen and then all the dogs that wouldn’t be happy unless he won.

King, a great example of how you can bring out the best in dogs, is an amazing husband and father. And yes, that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. King is a bit of a pain to train. I can’t help but notice how he doesn’t bark because he’s scared. I believe that is also from being trained. But I know that the other dogs wouldn’t be as happy with their dog being a little scared. So, when he’s calm and relaxed, he can’t be too hard or too gentle. He also doesn’t do anything to disrupt his play or get angry just when a dog has gone too far or had their frustrations not realized — that kind of behavior is just not a King-like behavior.

I was recently in Italy and met with King’s owner, the amazing Francesco. After he read an article from Italy’s, he decided to go out and do some research on King. Then I made the decision to write this dog’s story for him.

First, I’m not going to name this dog King for no reason. His name has been widely accepted, and in some circles is also a word of endearment. I guess that is why this story is not a King story. And yes, I don’t know whether King’s name is on any dog dictionary. We do know that he’s a family legend in his home country — so I hope to bring the best to the dogs he has lived with and interacted with for months or years.

For instance, Francesco came across what he calls King Syndrome in his Golden Retriever. I’m not entirely sure how he’s

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