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My favourite low maintenance dog is my four-footed chihuahua, Coco. She is a lovely dog. She is the most low maintenance dog around because she is so intelligent. She knows no one’s name. She will just pick up on a human’s voice and say it anyway. I find I’m glad Coco doesn’t have a collar on as it has made my life a lot easier. In fact, when my other dog was sick, you had to put a collar on her and put it on, just so she knew they were coming. Coco, when she was two, just picked up the collar and said “Oh. Hi, hello.” So I feel really happy.

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What would you do if you were trapped in the forest?

I’d probably put a blanket round myself to keep warm.

What about a special place, like a cave?

My favourite place in the forest is where we go to sleep.

Which one of the main characters are you most like?

My favourite character is my dad. It’s a really hard character to develop because it is so easy to be like “OK.” But really he was a really big inspiration.

You were raised on a rural farm?

Yeah, I was on a farm when I was very young. But my dad worked all around rural Australia in construction, and so we would go to all these campships. I have always thought it’s so cool that my dad became one of the first people to work in the gold, platinum, copper mines and mine the copper from those deposits to the rest of the world. He’s an amazing guy, and a great role model.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in the bush?

Oh yeah, the weirdest place I’ve been, really. I’ve been in the bush. I’ve been in the bush from five years old. I went up in the forest. I’ve been in the bush since I was four. There is no one quite like me in the bush.

Do you like dogs at all?

I was just thinking it would be nice if my dog got the attention it deserves.

Your dog is named “Lucky”. Which of your celebrity dogs, did you love most?

I love the little pooch named Lucky. That dog is great. That dog was named by one of my friends. When I went to the vet to get him I didn’t know what

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