Which dogs can be left alone for 8 hours? – Pet Product News

Yes. A “no leash” sign on a gate will tell you if your dog can be left alone for 8 hours.

Can I give my dog a leash?

Yes, but make sure they’re leashed. Be sure they’re wearing a collar.

Are there any places to sit or wait?

Yes. Bayside can be a good place to wait for food. There is a large yard. Dogs can stay all day. If your dogs are too small to sleep on a lap, they can be leashed in a “kennel” on the porch.

Are some dogs more sensitive than others?

Yes. The most sensitive dogs tend to be the ones who require the most veterinary care.

Are there ways to teach how to respond to our signals?

Yes. Bayside provides many things that can be taught to your dog. They have a variety of signs that can be used in conjunction with the many positive reinforcement toys.

How do I keep my dog off the property when you’re away?

If possible, place your dog in an area with a lot of people. Your dog may choose out of fear of people when they’re at a dog park or at the bar. There should also be at least one large outdoor space to play.

My dog likes to be in the yard and to run around. Does that make it a pet park?

No, Bayside is a “pet park” and all dogs must have a “leash” in order to be on our property. If you have a dog who is curious or who has a lot of energy, they’re welcome to run around the property. You can provide some exercise if you take them to a petting zoo or a petting zoo in town.

What if there are no people on the property? Can I bring my dog by?

Yes, you are always welcome to bring your dog to Bayside if your dog is friendly and happy. You’d be surprised how many times we see a dog whose owner decided not to bring her dog to Bayside just because the dog is going to be kept indoors. As much as it’s difficult to keep all of our dogs indoors all day, we would love to have you bring your dog!

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