Which dogs can tolerate being alone?

Dogs with a temperament to make them an “all to themselves” dog will be more susceptible to being left alone at home. Some dogs will be more at risk than others. Please consult your veterinarian to rule out specific breeds.

Can I put my dog down? Some veterinarians consider it a good idea to put their dog on a leash to walk him to the animal shelters or back to the home. This allows them to watch and give them a chance to bond with their new companion or if there is an emergency. Some will also allow you to take your dog with you, in which case you should have a dog-proof gate on the front door.

Is the dog going to cause trouble to my family? In a situation where their behavior does not pose an immediate danger to us or others, we would do well to let them out.

What is in the dog’s food? Does your pet’s diet include any dog treats? Do not feed your dog dog treats, because they can be dangerous if swallowed by your dog. Dogs should also make sure their dog is on a special diet that contains only healthy, whole and unprocessed food. All foods should have been cooked to their desired degree of tenderness and cooked by a trained and certified professional.

Will my dog eat a large piece of pizza? Pizza will not kill your dog. It is usually better to keep your dog small to begin with so they won’t chew through the small pieces of cardboard or anything else (such as toothpaste) you may include in their diet.

Do you offer “dog foods”? Some people think that they are the only ones who really know what a dog eats. However, these food companies generally have the best information available about what dogs need to meet their nutritional needs. Dog foods can vary widely in calories and carbohydrate content and may include only a few ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Some dogs will need to be on a special diet, which could include foods in one of the food products list. A professional, certified dog nutritionist will be able to provide you with information regarding a dog food that meets your dog’s needs. Dogs need to be exercised to be healthy, and exercise is crucial to their body’s function of digesting and absorbing nutrients. A healthy lifestyle combined with exercise is needed for strong, healthy teeth and an active mind.

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