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In the United States federal law, a Facebook photo or other image posted by you is public property and subject to all manner of copyright and trademark law (see here for an explanation of “digital copyrights”), which includes things like your right to make derivative works including, without limitation, screen shots and screen shots that you can share with friends or family.

Why do Facebook photos contain my name and photo URL?

Facebook photos can contain your name and photo URL if they are taken in your name or you are a “person.” This means Facebook’s photo APIs allow any third party to link to your photos and display them in your feed as long as the third party doesn’t own the photos and you can link back to them, in that case Facebook’s API can provide the link and allow you to link back to the photo (for instance). Facebook will allow you to share and link to photos and use their API to share your photos and links to the source. Please see this FAQ on sharing photos with the right profile for more information.

Why is your API password private?

In order to prevent unauthorized uses of photos on Facebook your API password is private and not to be shared with friends or family. Note that you can use the same credentials to upload or share photos with the same profile, but you can’t see them and they can’t see you.

Why are ads displayed in Facebook photos?

Because Facebook allows users to post content to the network, there are times when ads appear on that content. In accordance with our policy, we have published a list of specific ads you can see in your Facebook photos.

What do I do if an ad shows at the top of my Facebook photo?

If for some reason an ad appears in your Facebook photos you can take steps to disable the ad. These steps can include taking the photo to the advertiser’s website or mobile app, removing the photo from Facebook and clicking the “uninstall” button. If you cannot disable an ad, Facebook displays a message that the ad has been disabled as part of Facebook’s policies to help users understand the ways of reducing the impact from ads on their feed. Please see our post about removing ads from your Facebook feeds for more information.
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Why can’t I see my friends photos?

In order to prevent the display ads based on your profile, we only allow you to see your photos within a certain limit. See this FAQ for more information.

How do I see photos in

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