Are free prints Safe?

The only way your prints will remain safe is if they have had a protective UV light applied after the image was taken. This process uses special UV-C lights that are invisible to the human eye and safe to print in certain lighting conditions, especially with the lights from an automated camera system. Most automated cameras do not have UV-C lights. If these lights don’t allow your prints to remain safe, try using a UV light on them during printing.

In the unlikely event your prints do get damaged during a light or lightless printing session, the best way to minimize the chances is to leave them untouched to allow the UV light to remove any contamination. If you are printing in daylight, leave your prints out in direct sunlight. If you need to work with UV-C lights (i.e. camera lights), leave your prints in a room where you cannot see the light source. This is especially true of manual printers, but you should also be certain your scanner has a UV-C light so you can be certain that your prints are in good condition.

You should also read more about the safety of your prints on this PDF about UV-C lamps.

Do these lights contain harmful UV rays?
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UV lights are not dangerous unless you are printing in sunlight or the UV light from a machine light is harmful to you.

How long will it take for your prints to get dark?

Your prints will not get significantly darker. Prints which get darker faster than their respective prints will not remain dark on the scanner scanner print output.

What are the best ways to remove the white layer from my images?

When your prints are dark (less than 60% light intensity) the white layer of your images will not affect your files. This will help you print the images which appear white in digital color.

Some methods to remove the white layer of your images can consist of the following:

Using an ultraviolet-C light to remove the white layer of your photos.

Using a UV-C light to remove the white layer of your images in the darkroom.

Using a black out filter in the darkroom.

How long will it take to process my prints?

Process time varies depending on your specific workflow and the type of images you are printing. Processing times can vary from a few minutes to over one hour if you are processing a lot of files. If your processing time is too long for your printing workflow, you can still