Can I photograph anyone in public? – Watch Youtube Videos Make Money

Sure! I have lots of cameras with me, and I have the equipment for you to use them on a daily basis so keep your eyes open, don’t try to sneak up on me, and please use common sense!
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What should I do if I see my photographer at the convention? First and foremost, try and ignore them, if you have to physically approach them it’s not worth it. A lot of them will come up to you on camera and ask you for photos or help with what they are doing, which is okay, I highly recommend it. The way to make them leave and feel safe is to approach them in a friendly fashion, and tell them that you understand that what they are doing on camera is not allowed. If at first you don’t get the answer your expectations are wrong, it’s also okay to walk away, try to continue your talk with them anyway, they probably won’t understand, you can get their numbers if they have them. Try and have them try to follow you, this isn’t necessary but it is often helpful for the first time when they are in front of you. Try not to confront them directly, but keep doing your talk with them about what they are doing and that they shouldn’t be doing in front of the public. Always remember, you have a lot more control over the convention you are attending than what the others doing at it think of your antics.

What should I do if I have a problem with a particular photographer at a convention? Often, this is a situation in which you are going to be left trying to solve it yourself. Here’s what you have to do: Take a few seconds to make sure you are not uncomfortable or in danger of injury; you shouldn’t be anywhere near an area where anyone is in danger of getting hurt, and don’t be afraid to go over there if you need someone to help you to get out of the area or get yourself out of the way, or to go there and say something to a staff member, they need to hear that in the public eye!

If you do have an issue, and the convention staff thinks you need emergency medical help, then there is only one course of action you can take, go to the nearest area and call the nearest emergency unit (or whatever).

As much as possible, try to avoid confrontation with any of them, but if they ask you to stop do it anyway, or if you choose to walk away. Don’t try walking up to them if they are holding

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