Can photography be a career? – Shutterstock Contributor Ideas

Do you prefer playing the part of a journalist?

Is it possible to be both at the same time?

What do you find best about photography?

How do you keep from becoming too dependent on any media outlet?

I started out by being a professional photographer in school, and then took a year off to focus on a project when I was eighteen, before I started being a member of the creative team. I love to be creative and have a great time working on projects.

I always love hearing from photographers about what has been hard for them to do.

I am always curious about what I can learn from people I admire and who can learn from me when it comes to photographing.

As a writer, my job is to talk about the things that are interesting, and not about what is trendy. In fact, a lot of what readers want to know about photography is what is the best way you found to get it out there. It also helps for me to be a person that will continue to cover photography regardless of subject matter.

What interests you about the field of photography?

Is it all about the camera? I think more of us as photographers, as human beings, are capable of being artistic and that is what we love.

What advice do you have for others coming into photography?

I’m not going to tell anybody what to do. The way to do it is by getting on a project of your own, and being interested in the subject matter.

Is it possible to be both at the same time?

I love to work in multiple mediums, and to be at both the end of those mediums and also a beginning again. If you get lost along the way, you will find your way, and if you work on lots of different projects and see lots of different things, you will often make things up and be able to put it into words and pictures, which is even more fun.

What’s your opinion on how the US military conducts its operations?

Yes No

Is there a good reason for the constant war with Iraq?

Iraq’s use of chemical weapons on the Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war was justified, but then some Kurds are now using chemical weapons on the Iraqi people. It was not justified then because it did not come out that the Kurds actually had chemical weapons. The United States has bombed Iraq in a misguided effort to fight some war with Iran, which

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