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From Baka-Tsuki

Chapter 1: New Dawn [ edit ]

A few days later on the night of November 6, 2016

The weather was rather warm and clear, even with the light snow falling all over the place. The wind blew across the city, gently sweeping through the window panes.

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On the first floor of the mansion, the interior of the building had been completely renovated.

There was a new garden planted in the entrance room, the dining area was entirely changed, and the mansion itself had been entirely redone.

The mansion was once again in excellent condition. There was a large garden outside of the mansion, an extension to the main residence.

The main residence was once again adorned with many decorations, including a flower-studded table placed at the doorway that would be used for the meal, a large, open window, and a large display cabinet.

The exterior of the mansion was also entirely redone. It had been changed into a single square, and there was some red paint laid on the exterior walls everywhere.

The exterior wall inside the mansion was adorned with various kinds of decorations.

Some decorations included a large, wide, and tall candelabra decorated in the shape of a bird, an old-style table, and a beautiful flower arrangement with lots of leaves in the middle. At the centre of the garden was a small hill in the shape of a cherry tree.

In the midst of the mansion, there was a single, long hall, but it could only be called a small hall. It was located at the top of the main entrance and it could only fit a dozen people in it.

And while this mansion was located at the top of a mountain at Mount Fuji, the room within was a little more than a quarter of a square.

Inside the mansion, the living room at the top was filled with the many, many dishes that Mondo had prepared.

The most important thing, however, was the meal prepared for Mondo himself.

It was a delicious, fresh, and delicious meal.

It was made with vegetables prepared on the spot and the meat he harvested himself.

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