Does a watermark count as copyright? – How To Sell Photos Online And Make Money Free

Yes. Under section 512(c) of the DMCA, copyright applies whenever you take a photo of any copyrighted work to a place other than the place where you actually took the photo. So, a watermark is copyright, even when the photo was taken.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is a sign that is affixed to, as well as over the image. It describes the rights that you have in the image. The watermark is what the law says it is – it shows that you authorized the rights in the work to be licensed.

How do I get a watermark on my photo?

Here are the steps to take and how you could get a watermark of any photo under section 512(a) of the DMCA:

Check the copyright status of any file and make sure it is not being distributed under a “fair use” or other statutory exception. Ask the Copyright Agent of your publisher where you can get information at the copyright website and contact them to verify whether or not your photo is in violation of copyright. Find the “authorized” watermarks for the photo on the right side of the picture and remove any unauthorized ones by replacing them with the copyright watermarks. If you are not legally authorized or you don’t want to remove the unauthorized watermarks, go to Step 3.

Do I need permission to use my photos in ads?

Yes, as long as your photos meet the requirements of paragraph 1.
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Are there other ways I can use my photos without a watermark?

Yes. You can embed videos or any other kind of media on the web or upload photos to your Flickr account and post them there. You can also create your own watermarked photos with any online service. However, if you’re looking for more photo-related services to get started, we recommend that you check out the list of photography-related websites by clicking here.

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