Does a watermark count as copyright? – Sell Photos To Magazines

Yes, it does. A watermark is a mark with a distinctive feature, such as color, shape, size, and placement, that causes the user to infer the identity, origins, or purpose of that user. A watermark may be a clear, legible, or digitally created image, text, code, symbol, or other content.

You can’t use any mark, such as the trademark logo or copyright icon, on your website that a user has agreed to. As is the case with other marks, the marks must not be registered or used in a way that may cause confusion or to deceive people into thinking they share rights in them.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, there are a few special rules for watermarks. First, you may use watermarks that are specifically authorized by or designated by the registrant, such as a watermark on the website and in any associated communications. For more information, please see our policy on watermark use on websites.

Second, as long as the mark is not copied in any way, the mark cannot be considered part of the domain name. For example, if we call you Gullwing’s Dog Park, your website may not copy the mark “Gullwing’s Dog Park.” In fact, your website may not use an IP address containing a mark that has been copied.

Are trademarks allowed on a website?

Yes. Trademarks are designed to distinguish a product or service from others that market the same thing. A trademark is a good indication that the person selling the same thing may be a real person, not an actor or business, and that trademark owners or their authorized agents may be responsible for actions taken with respect to the mark on the site. So long as your mark is not copied in any noticeable way (e.g. font size, color, color, font choice, etc.), it would not be a problem for you to use a mark on your website.

Are trademarks allowed on Facebook?

Yes, in most situations.
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Can you use watermarks that are already registered on another site?

To the extent permitted by law, you may use watermarks on websites in which the registrant has registered a trademark in the marks at issue on your website. This is true for websites in which the registrant holds the copyrights, but not for websites in which the registrant has not registered or will not register a trademark.

You may also use watermarks that

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