Does Photographer own my pictures? – Shutterstock

Yes, we own your pictures!

Will my photos be removed if you remove this offer?

No, we will not take them down for any reason! That being said, they will stay on our database!

What is the process?

You will complete a registration that will confirm your identity. If you would like us to post the images we will need your email address. In order for us to post your images on the site you must provide a valid email address. Once your registration is complete we will send the image(s) to you automatically!

How many images are you using as your “Featured” photo’s?

We will be using the same amount of images for all of our featured photo’s. This allows each photographer to create new images for our customers to enjoy!

How long is this program?

If you are interested in using our site we will create your account and get it set up for you! You can cancel at any time no questions asked!

Why would someone want to use my images?

We believe that our customers should enjoy the pictures that we create for them. In order for each photographer to be able to create new images for our customers we will require a valid email address. Once your registration is complete we will send your images to you automatically!

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Who can I contact if I have any questions about using my images?

You can contact our representatives for questions and concerns. Please send us any queries here or use our contact form.

My images have gone missing! What do I do?

We have sent you many pictures in the hopes that you may have already lost your images. We will be updating our database with you and will be adding more pictures on a continual basis. If you do still have your images missing send us an email to [email protected] or use the contact form.

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