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A: If You have given us permission to use your picture for marketing purposes then we can, just don’t expect any compensation.

If you don’t own the copyright to your pictures (you paid us to use them for our website) then we will probably be very slow in removing your picture.

The only exception to this rule are cases where you were in fact stolen, or where your picture is otherwise copyright infringement. If we find any such infringement in a picture that is yours we will remove your picture. If you are not in fact the person behind the picture then please provide us with a valid photo ID. If we find someone who owns all rights to your picture, we can give you a partial refund (less shipping) and you can then contact the photographer to request permission.

If you didn’t know who the photographer is, please contact the photographer via email at: [email protected] Include full name, where the picture was taken, and what you paid the photographer for the photo. If necessary contact our staff to confirm this. We don’t have contact details for every photographer and we don’t want them to have to check out to find out if one of our reps is the photographer.

Q: If a photo is used in a commercial or for promotional purpose then does the photo owner get any compensation? A: If you are buying or selling products from us, we cannot give you a refund for any images used in the sale or advertisement, we can only give you a partial refund.

You will have to contact the vendor you purchase from. If it is a legitimate business and the vendor is in business online, they can generally give you a refund when they find out about it. There may be some restrictions as to how they can provide you with an official refund that they have agreed to make.

Q: Can I pay to shoot my pictures with someone who already has my picture? A: No, you have to go through the photographer yourself.

Q: How can I avoid my picture being used? A: You can avoid the use process by contacting the photographer directly.

Q: Who shoots the pictures? A: If you are a commercial photographer who shoots a lot of photo shoots, we are not very active at the moment and don’t have a lot of information about them all. If you know the photographer for whom you are shooting, please get in touch with us.

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