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Well, it wasn’t easy.

But the good news is that you don’t have to be a professional comedian to take advantage of all the online marketing tools available. They are all free (for now).

Here’s what I used last week (or maybe just a chunk of my vacation):


I have a friend who goes by the handle The Real Twitter Expert. I tried his twitter search engine. It came up with one person:

“How do you make a living online?” The person responded by saying:

I have a few ideas. First I would like to create a personal website of some sort so I could start posting my comedy material on it. I love writing for YouTube (and occasionally other YouTube sites) so if I can create a few tutorials, it would look really professional. I also want to make videos covering a few topics using web and video production software called Adobe After Effects. If I ever get the money for it, it should cost under $1,000 depending on the quality and speed of the production. I also am a regular user of the video game website IGN so if I can start playing video games for a few hours per week (it would not cost me anything) I would get paid on a regular basis, probably around $20 per video. Also, I have an idea to share my own money-making video marketing strategies for my audience on Youtube. I already have three more episodes of a podcast I like to call ‘My Little Podcast’; if I can make an episode with 3-4 people, it would be a lot of money! I also have a couple of different things I could go a long way with online marketing: I would like to create a Facebook group for comedians. I would like to start a video club. I would try YouTube to see if I can make money with a new video. I think that the best strategy would be for me to put all the money I have to some sort of online marketing campaign. My only cost would be my time. I could probably get paid to do some social media and blogging and maybe an online magazine or magazine website.


After seeing the link to his Twitter page where the money was being made, I knew I wanted to join his subreddit.

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The easiest way to do this was to register on a different subreddit. Reddit has over 200 subreddits in their front page. I took his first suggestion and registered to r/TheFineYoungCapitalists to make

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