How can I sell my camera? – 500Px Prime

I only use DSLRs for some parts of my job. Do I have to sell any of the cameras to sell my DSLR? Only the DSLRs. The only difference between a camera and a DSLR is size and the kind of camera (I have two Nikon D4s, but only one is a DSLR).

What camera do I need to sell? It depends on the photographer’s job, the type of job and the type of audience they are after. For example, an interior designer may want to sell portraits, while a fashion photographer may want to sell fashion clothes. Either of these jobs need a DSLR, but if you are only selling one camera at a time, then you are not really selling the DSLR! You actually sell the individual cameras within this kit – one camera for each job.
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Who is the best source of advice? I buy my gear from several sources. I am interested and very happy to get advise from experienced photographers and photo dealers.

If I sell one set of my cameras what time do I have to pick it up? It varies with what camera you have and is often quite a lengthy purchase. Generally, you have a little under 6 weeks to pick it up during which time you can have it in a warehouse or on a plane with a temporary storage address.

What if I’m buying the camera with my first kit? I always start with the DSLR camera, I always have a spare lens and usually a spare battery for each of the Nikon D4s – sometimes I don’t even consider buying a lens for my kit! I always have enough battery to get me through the day or 2, and often a whole day is enough.

Where do you buy your lenses? Some big name shops that I’ve tried. I bought from them once, but I’ve never bought another camera from them again. I prefer to buy from a dealer that I know and trust. (NB – don’t be fooled into thinking that a dealer can help you sell your kit – they can’t do that for you without knowing you a LOT better).

Why can’t I sell my kit via email or on the internet? We don’t support email or the internet as it’s generally not secure. I can however sell a digital item via eBay’s Buy It Now platform, so there is a tiny risk I will sell what I want on eBay and your camera won’t arrive (but I’d rather not sell out the camera so cheaply!).

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