How can I sell my camera?

If your image is still in the public domain, there will likely be no copyright holder who is interested in bringing it to market. In that case, you have two choices:

Go forward with it, and you may end up as an expensive collector. Or

Go forward with it, and try to make money off it (see “How to Buy”).

When you get around to selling your camera, let us know what you have in mind. Send an email with all the information we could wish for.

The first three photos taken are the same as the second photo.
The most likely scenario for how this would unfold is as follows:
1.) Get a call from somebody you don’t trust to be there to give you the numbers. (Which is probably why there were only three people with phones in attendance at the event.)
2.) Get a call from a “friend” of the person you don’t trust to be there. (These friends all appear to be in a group.)
3.) Get a call from someone at the scene of the robbery. (Not sure who this is, but it’s definitely not the person you want your friend to be with.)
4.) Get a call from the police. (They can tell the best from the worst if you need convincing.)
5.) Get a call from the local news. (The only good news is no one is reporting on the incident, and that makes the story “news.”)
6.) Get a call from “one of your closest friends” or a family member.
7.) Get a call from someone you trust.
8.) Get a call from some stranger.
What’s really important is your friend is the one who actually has the phone number of the person with the gun.
If your friend doesn’t have the number, then you would be at the mercy of anyone you meet on the street. You would have one less thing at hand, and it’s one less thing that could be a potential opportunity.
Also, if the person you call calls 911, the police are likely to be more cooperative with you based on the fact that 911 was called, not because of your calls directly. The police will probably take an “I’m not sure” approach as opposed to a “No problem” approach.
Remember this: you have a phone call to make. So don’t be afraid to be a little bit over the top if you’re a potential witness. However, you also don’t want