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When should I use watermarks?

If you want to use watermarks, you will have two choices.

Option 1: Create a watermark that you make in Photoshop. You can create watermarks in your Photoshop images, or you can use a third-party plugin like Watermark-GUI. Option 2: Create a separate watermark for each layer. (In this case you have two watermarks because you have two images that have watermarks in them.)

Create a Watermark

Go to the Filters panel:

Then click on the Filter Group tab. Select the Watermarks group.

Click on the Edit button beneath each watermark. Select the “Make New Watermark…” option.

The watermark will start to render with the brush of your choice. Be careful to add a bit of water to the canvas because watermarks do not work correctly without a bit of water.

This screenshot shows the image that is created in the watermark’s Watermark-GUI plugin.

You should be given an editable preview of your watermark. Click “Apply” to update the watermark’s opacity and blur the mask so you can see your brushstrokes.

If you didn’t include this information you can click on the image to get a full size.

Tip: Watermark-GUI allows you to create unlimited watermarks until you give it a name like “Bucket of Pudding.” It also allows you to share your images as watermarks by right-clicking on the image and choosing “Share As” when the Edit button is clicked.

If you don’t mind using a third-party plugin to create the watermarks, here’s how to use Photoshop’s Watermark-GUI.

You’ll be given the option to open the filter by selecting Edit > Watermark-GUI from the Filter group panel.

Select the Watermark-GUI plugin’s “Edit” button (make sure “Show Open In” is checked and the “File Opened” dropdown is selected).

This will open the watermark’s watermark editing page. A list of all your watermarks will appear. Here you can choose the color, opacity, blur radius, and image format that you would like to use.

For a quick, lightened watermark, choose “Bucket of Pudding” from the dropdown for transparency/glow.

For an image that will be used as a water

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