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An Australian woman who was raped and drugged before she was allegedly killed by a man from her own native country has been found dead with a note asking them for help.

Sara Jane, 22, was found unconscious on July 9 in her Melbourne home by her boyfriend, who called police the following day. The note was found nearby, according to the Herald Sun.

She was taken to hospital and died. Authorities have since charged a man from her home country of Fiji with “intentionally supplying or attempting to supply with a noxious or toxic substance” and her body was returned to Australia.

He is due to appear at a Brisbane court this morning on charges of murder and rape, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Police believe that Sara Jane, who lived with her two sisters in a rented house in Port Melbourne, was sexually assaulted and drugged before she was killed.

“I feel that we’re not getting enough out of this investigation,” a detective told the Herald Sun.

“Sara was a talented, intelligent person and a young person who always had a bright future ahead of her.”

“In terms of what the letter says, I can’t make out what’s written – it’s a bit of a cipher, I’m afraid to say – a plea for help. She made such a good impression on everyone.”

She also had a good job at an Australian bank and was expected to graduate with a financial degree as well as a criminal record, the paper said.

Police have refused to confirm if the letters were written in any detail, only that they are “very recent and were found in a separate location in Australia”.

Sara’s body had been returned to Australia a day