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To stop Facebook from using your photos, first open “Settings” in your Facebook App by selecting “Facebook” from the menu bar that appears. Then click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner to access your privacy options.

Step 2a: Disable Facebook’s Photo Stream

If that option says “Use your Camera Roll,” then Facebook could use whatever photos in your Photo Stream to make its product look even better and bring you more ads. Instead, delete the photo stream and then re-enable Photos and videos in Facebook’s “Account settings”.

Facebook’s Photo Stream may have photos you don’t want it to use, but you can always re-enable it using the same steps as Step 2a.

Step 2b: Remove The Facebook Photo Stream From Photos And Videos

After you’ve removed Facebook’s Photo Stream, you can select the photos — Facebook or personal — and videos you don’t want it to use by tapping on the little heart icon.

Facebook may still use this photo stream when you are using a mobile or desktop app, but in either the mobile or desktop app, you can delete these photos and videos using Facebook’s mobile and desktop apps.

For example, you can delete that friend’s Facebook photo stream by just tapping in the photo you don’t want Facebook to use (and remove their Facebook Photo Stream too if you haven’t used it yet) and then tapping Edit. You may need to re-enter permission to use that photo stream, of course, but this is a basic step for removing an image from your Photos Album.

By default photos will be removed from Photos Albums if you have used them in a Facebook or profile photo on another person’s profile — even if that person is you. That may sound like a small thing, but it can take a lot of time and frustration if you need to delete photos from your Photos Album, even if you only use that photo on a mobile or desktop app or for the few times you take it. By default, Photos will delete all the other photos you have on a photo stream from the moment you take that image.

You may want to edit those photographs to keep them in your albums. You can click on the photo that you want to keep, then select Add, Edit, Delete to edit that photo. You can choose to either delete it or move it to the trash to remove it from your Photos Albums.

You can also have Facebook delete a photo stream from

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