How do Instagram photographers make money?

When it comes to Instagram pricing, the pricing structure of a certain product is only relative to how many people are using it. However, that doesn’t automatically mean that that price is worth paying for since Instagram is only a place for brands and a few celebrities. That said, a good way to measure Instagram’s viability is to compare it to other paid product offerings.

Using Instagram’s own data, Brandwatch ranked Instagram products in terms of how unique they are and that they have good reviews. It found that the top three Instagram products in terms of uniqueness have all been bought by celebrities and that the top product by a very small margin is the $40 AirBnB for two people.

So what is the best Instagram product value ?

The best Instagram product is really hard to choose. Here are the top top 5 Instagram product, all of which come from a different business category. (These are not necessarily in any particular order.)

1. The Daily Bucket

The Daily Bucket for $35 has a whopping 15,000 satisfied users. It is one of the most popular Instagram products on the platform. It’s one of the most popular product in Instagram’s category of Daily Social Marketing. The value of the Daily Bucket in terms of ROI for a one-time purchase and a multi-month subscription is about $2,200 per month. And if you add other Instagram products and products by other brands, the revenue per purchase is about $30 per month.

2. Instagram Feed

It has 15,000 users, 10,000 likes, 300,000 uploads and 500,000 photos. Each Instagram Feed for $5 means that Instagram has 10 x $500, a huge amount of Instagram engagement. What’s really interesting is that it isn’t only on the premium Instagram and on Instagram Feed. You can buy an Instagram Feed on Instagram Marketplace. On the other hand, it isn’t even on the free option.

3. Instagram Stories @TheDailyBucket

The Instagram Stories @TheDailyBucket on Instagram has a lot of the same features as the Daily Bucket.

The Instagram Stories @TheDailyBucket on Instagram has a lot of the same features as the Daily Bucket. It’s great for creating a new account. It’s used a lot because it makes it easier to find all the new and interesting things. When you buy an Instagram account, you get a lot of value with each Instagram Story you own.

4. Twitter