How much can I make on Shutterstock?

If you can sell your image to Shutterstock, your profit can be as high as 35%.

There is additional information below on how to get started.

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I want to get into the business of writing music

You can do this as early as you can remember. This is the very early stage of your creative career. At this stage, chances are you just want to sit in the basement and play some old vinyl records or a record and the like until you are old and grey.

As long as you love your work, your motivation should remain positive. Take your time and have fun trying to work out what you love about it.

Some writers have reported that writing is the best phase of their career and others feel it is the worst. So, do what works for you and don’t forget to relax and listen to your inner voice. The rewards will be tremendous!

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My partner and I bought some artwork on eBay

You can do this as long as you want your partner to be happy with you doing it – even before you buy any artwork.

I’m a graphic designer and I can’t make any more

As you mature, your skills develop and your skills grow. As much as you love your job, it may become dull and you find yourself wishing you could move into a more creative position. But, at some point you will have to ask yourself if you really have what it takes to take on jobs that require skill sets you can’t even begin to master.

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Flickr owner SmugMug says it needs more money to 'keep the Flickr ...

So I’m a writer and a musician… but I can’t write a screenplay

It’s a difficult question because we are both writing and playing an instrument at the same time? You can’t play every instrument on stage and vice versa.

Yes, there is something about what it takes to write in this context that does not translate nicely to writing a screenplay.

But many creative professionals have told me that when it comes to writing, they’re simply not able to hold down an entire day