How much do freelance photo editors make? – Shutterstock Pricing

This is an old question. “It’s a lot,” says one freelance photo editor at a major photo magazine. “I’ve been doing it in my late 30s—and I’ve worked in the photo and feature business for a long, long time—but it’s a little different now than it used to be,” she says. “You need a certain amount of experience. And there are definitely more opportunities out there, but the freelance landscape has changed a lot, especially for editors. You might have 15 or 20 different sites trying to land you and you’re doing everything on your own. It’s a lot of pressure.” That’s not a bad thing in itself. The freelance world may become more competitive. But it also may mean you need to learn a new skill set. “It’s also a lot of responsibility, because you have to figure out exactly what you’re doing and what you’re going to say. And it’s also a whole lot of work.” One way to increase your freelance portfolio is to find someone at a large newsroom to help you out. “For a freelance editor, the first thing you learn, no matter the industry or the type of work, is that you have to earn it,” says one freelance editor. “That’s the first thing, or almost the first thing, you learn.” A person can become a writer for just 10 to 20 hours a week, but it takes hundreds to thousands of additional hours per year to become someone who works full time in the field or in another role. There are a lot of freelance photo editors, but only a few are very well known. But how to find them? The Internet has been a big help. In 2009, Reuters hired hundreds of freelance photo editors. “You start at one site and just go to all their sites and just ask, ‘Why have you done this?'” says one freelancer. “If I ask, ‘Why did it look like me?’ and have pictures with me in my hair, that’s something I could do more of.” If you get lucky, a freelance photo editor or other editor at a news site might say, “Hey, who are you? Do you have a portfolio or do you have photos that are interesting that you think readers might find interesting?'” That person can point you to a site that has a portfolio of professional work, and a number can be created in your name. If you have a photo portfolio that the news publication does not, you can contact them as though you were a guest posting on their website

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