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A British Airways jet crashed into the North Sea off the coast of England today, according to eyewitness reports and aviation authorities.

Officials in the United Kingdom said that the British Airways jet had been hijacked and was attempting to land at London’s Heathrow Airport. The pilot and two crew members were arrested for their roles in the crime, officials said.

A British Airlines jet crashed into the North Sea off the coast of England today, according to eyewitness reports and aviation authorities.

The passenger, who is being cared for at a nearby hospital, was rescued, and other passengers were also rescued but are still being taken by air to hospital for treatment of minor injuries, British media reported, according to Reuters.

It’s not clear if the pilot had been aboard the flight, British officials said, according to Reuters.

It was unclear how many people on board the British Airways jet with three crew members were killed, but witnesses said it was a “terrorist incident,” the BBC reported.

British police said they were “actively dealing” with the incident, the BBC reported, citing a police statement.

“We can confirm an incident has happened at the RAF Kinloss airbase in the North Sea,” a police officer told the network.

The RAF Kinloss airbase, operated by British Airways, is located at the northwest point of the British Isles. The base is home to the British Navy’s Trident nuclear deterrent.

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British Airways said on Twitter that the British Airways plane was on a scheduled flight when it crashed in the English south coast, as reported by the BBC.

BREAKING: We are working to confirm the status of our airline flight #BA1784, which crashed in the English #NWEC. — British Airways (@BritishAirways) March 26, 2016

A spokesperson told CBS News that while the airline had no further information, it was still following developments closely.

The British Airways jet was flying over the North Sea when it crashed while attempting to land at Heathrow Airport with two other aircraft, a British spokesman said, according to Reuters.

A spokesman for the airport said it was monitoring the crash “with great interest as it occurred as a direct result of this incident,” Bloomberg News reported.

A spokesperson for the London Metro Police described the incident as a “terrorist incident” and said “we received a call at around 8