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The first person to go public with the salary of a Photoshop creator, along with the specific number of hours they are paid, will undoubtedly draw attention to the notoriously controversial nature of what they do. I certainly didn’t. But then again, I certainly didn’t write that last sentence.

The salary estimates provided in this article are based on a sample size of only 100 employees of the company involved and do not reflect true salaries. Those in the industry and who know how the game industry is run know that this is false, and that the industry is more or less a meritocracy. A professional in game design can make anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000 per year – depending on the level of expertise they have.

A better way

If you are a high-level designer, you have a pretty good shot at making $100,000 per year. This can be a great job. And the job will be fun and inspiring for you. But you would want to know the full story – not just the story of the top-paid creative in the industry. That information may not fit your specific tastes, and it is very difficult to get it even if you are an expert.

One way to answer the questions above is to compare the salaries for the different positions in the game industry. Using data from, we can determine the median pay of a Senior Designer by position. While the median pay may be an accurate reflection of the average, it leaves out a lot of the people – or positions – that are not necessarily well paid. This data can be an extremely handy way to gain a better understanding of what you are going to be paid when you join a big company, as well as a great way to compare and contrast the different pay for a similar position.

As stated in the beginning, this article is not for people who want to be freelancing. There are plenty of more technical articles which will help you understand and apply the game design process to your business needs. This article is for people who want to have a better understanding and appreciation of what the process of game design looks like and how it looks to the people who are producing it.
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How much do game design jobs pay?

While there are a bunch of different salaries, and we will talk about them all below (there are a lot of articles out there to get you started), in this article, we’ll focus on a few specific jobs in the industry – those that pay well and

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