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The first number we’d like to know: How much do Photoshop artists make? If it’s more than $250,000/year, then we’re all out of luck.

How is the market shaped?

There’s lots of research to give you an idea of how the market looks. For example, if you use Illustrator and are starting out, you may find it hard to break into the market once you’ve built up a collection of thousands of works. For this reason, we recommend to invest in Photoshop Studio Pro first.

It may not be the easiest software to get to grips with, but it allows you to use the program for a lifetime, so you’ll never become bored again.

How far do you have to go before you can be profitable?

For now, yes. Adobe estimates that, once you’ve reached the level where your art exceeds £10/hour/month, you can start making money with your art.

You should see at least a return on your investment, but we’ve not spent any time testing how far we can venture. If you’re feeling generous, we’ll publish that information for everyone to see once it hits the market in mid-2012…

How long have you been in business?

Adobe introduced this question in 2008. When we last updated the infographic, Photoshop was already more than 10 years old!

Adobe Photoshop infographic: how far have you come?

Here’s an updated version showing all the ways you can make money from your creations.

Source: Adobe

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