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Not in the hundreds, but hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s because the organization has to build trust with advertisers.

“It’s not about how much a company pays, just that they want to know that our product is not only a value proposition, but that they can trust our credibility and that it doesn’t get pushed under the rug,” the spokesperson said.

While most sites have an “exposure” fee as well, many larger sites are free to charge an image to those who don’t opt in.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Flickr’s Flickr group has more than 35 million members

There’s a lot of skepticism about the efficacy of the exposure fee and the concept.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It’s free to advertise and pay-per-view image shares will continue to take off

While it’s an appealing concept, the reality is, many sites don’t have to worry about it.

“Our exposure fee is based on your total daily number of visits and is based on a set threshold. So, if you go to 10,000,000 unique sites [over a year], and that’s all you ever visit, you will receive $5,” the spokesperson told the BBC.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption “You’re just in love with them.” That’s what many sites say they want to hear from consumers.

“When you get the exposure, people start to really like them. And so they say, ‘Okay. Are you the ones behind the image?’ If you can take the relationship beyond that, you can really build trust in somebody’s product.”

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook advertises heavily via this “brand reputation” test. The company says it pays more than $50m a year to its 200,000 users

In this way, it’s more a money-making venture than a branding one at the company.

Image copyright Flickr Image caption “Do you care about the product? How much? Well what I do know is that we care about your opinion on all of the things.” That explains why so many brands have a “favourite” image on their site.

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some have turned this into the new advertising strategy – the artist is asked to choose a photograph that best represents their personality. If it sticks, the advertiser can get a premium return on their investment

Image copyright Getty Images image caption Some companies are testing the same approach at

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