How much do Shutterstock pay for photos?

We pay for our photos based on the amount of time we work to build a photo gallery and get the photos we create out there. We pay a flat rate for every photo, which is the amount we get paid for it. These are the most important reasons why your photos will appear high on our gallery. If you have any further questions about your payment options, just ask us!

I have no time for this. I don’t even mind you not having a full schedule or even knowing what works and what doesn’t. My only real complaint is you have to ask for a certain schedule to get the full rewards. I’m glad you are asking your users for this, but if you have a calendar you can’t just ask for it. But if you really want to, you can take my calendar and use it. It is really simple and it is my own calendar.

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A few weeks ago I got a mail from the man of my dreams:


I’m a friend of yours, and as a professional photographer from the United States, I’m hoping you can help me to set up something for an upcoming photoshoot.

If you’re ever in the area, please drop me a line. I’ll see if I can help.

In case this doesn’t work out, I’ll take you up on the offer of work you’re offering and I’ll see if you can cover it.

Thanks in advance.

Your friend of mine,


I never want to ask such a basic question… if someone is a professional photographer, and they’ve never really had the opportunity to be around a studio before, I’d think that they would definitely know what a photography studio is like. Yet somehow I can tell that when I’m asked this, I can’t help but roll my eyes or be like, “what kind of a place are you referring to? A photo-oriented studio?”

That’s not to say that a photography-oriented studio shouldn’t exist. In some cases it absolutely absolutely could. When an artist takes a moment to compose a shot and is looking for something to capture the right moment, a photographer can often make the best of the situation. In such a case, I am all on board with trying to make a photo of the spot.

However, when a photographer is shooting what could be considered a personal project, the situation is different and I think it goes without saying that