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The FreePrints team is pleased to announce that FreePrints will launch the official Android app in the next few weeks. The app will allow users to purchase the latest free printable designs for the web and mobile. A free download now allows customers to have complete control over which patterns they can use on their websites and mobile applications. This is achieved by allowing users to purchase a free pattern and then use it on any website/application that supports Android.

Does FreePrints support all patterns?

FreePrints currently supports a vast range of printable designs – from small to large – with many patterns using different techniques such as freehand painting, vector art, and free copy editing. In addition, the app supports freehand painting, vector art, copy editing and a few other techniques which are currently under development. The app works great with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox mobile browsers.

Why buy free patterns?

Using Free Prints is quick and easy. You create a free printable design and you can be sure that your customers will enjoy their use of a free pattern. No registration is required for a free printable pattern, and you have unlimited use of your own designs for free. With your free pattern you can use your design in an unlimited number of different websites, as well as print them on your own site. You can also set a custom price tag on your patterns to help you earn money, so you earn more from your designs and print more prints.

What do I get for free?

Free Printed patterns are only available to our members. There are no minimum or maximum print requirements to join, and you don’t need to be a member to use your free patterns. You just need to create a free printable design and then use it on any website or mobile app.

How much will it cost me?

Free Prints gives you access to more than 25 design templates from our in-house designers ready to download for free – more than double the number from competitors. The only catch is that everyone else has to pay for the patterns. We work hard to make sure our designs are always accessible at a fair price, and FreePrints provides the best prices on free templates available. Check out our pricing plan

How much does it cost me to apply for free patterns?

We hope to provide free printable patterns in the future, but a free download is not yet available. The best way to make sure that you get

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