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I want as much FreePrints as I can get. (I don’t own a printer or have access to a printing company)

What’s the minimum free printing services you would need? We have the following options –

• One time fee • One-time fees as long as they’re set up

Do I really have to pay for free print service? Does FreePrints guarantee I’ll receive a print even if I don’t use it? To answer that, we have two different answers here. The second is – yes, you should use free print service. However, if you’re looking for print when you have the option of using that print service, you might want to ask the person who does that service, “Does FreePrints allow you to print this now?” That is, ask specifically what their policy is about having customers print without signing a contract. That should be easier than trying to guess what free print services will look like.
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What if my free print service ends? If your free print service ends, you’ll still have FreePrints. However, it will mean you’ll need to sign a contract for your new printing service. Again, if you’re thinking about using FreePrints and your free print service ends, make sure you answer the above questions about what FreePrints gives you.

What if I get the wrong product? It happens. The best way to guarantee you get the product you need is to verify that it’s what you ordered when you set up your free print service. Make sure to let us know if you have other questions (email [email protected]).

Free Print Services

You can get printed from other people’s accounts. However, they aren’t getting any money from you.

How do I open my free print account? If you’d like to open your own free print account using your credit card, go to your account settings on our site (and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page). Create a new billing billing address. Give the address an optional email address where you can send us support. If you’re the sort of person who likes to take control of your payment processing, go ahead and do that now – but don’t do that on the computer that you use to open your free print account.

Which Free Prints services do I qualify for as a client? Some FreePrints features include free print service when using our cloud printing technology. The other Free

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