Is Facebook going to use my photos?

You can request to have your photo (and possibly other information) used “for internal purposes” by following the simple process outlined below.

Step 1: Go to the Privacy Settings page on Facebook. When the Privacy Settings option is presented, select “Internal use.” Then click the link to “Your profile.” Step 2: You should see a list of the photos (and other information that might be associated with them) that you have chosen to let Facebook know you like.

Step 3: Next, click the “Mark For Review” button to mark those photos for possible use by Facebook. Then select “Never” in the “Are you comfortable with this?” box.

You don’t have to share your photos with Facebook! You only can see and use them if you choose to. We recommend you use an alternate photo sharing service that doesn’t make sharing your photos any easier.

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Once you’ve marked the photos as used but, again, you may or may not use them, you’ll be notified of the change.

Step 4: If you’d like to have your photos deleted from the service, simply delete them from the service with the “Delete” button in the account settings. If you’d like to have them removed from the site completely, click “No longer see this content” under the image settings.

The federal government is set to spend $500 million over two years on mental health in a bid to stem the tide of deadly suicides among young people.

The mental health initiatives announced at the end of last week will involve spending about $650 million over two years on two programs. While about half of that money will go to the Community Mental Health Team program, which works with people with serious mental illness and those with a history of suicide, the other half will go to the Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Initiative (which supports post-traumatic stress disorder patients).

The moves were first reported by CBC News, which highlighted what it sees as the long-term cost of suicide in Canada — $2.2 billion in suicides and 853,000 people seeking help each year. One recent study by the Canadian Mental Health Association put the cost tag on suicide, once it is taken into consideration, to $2.8 billion annually. Another report found it in the range of $5.3 billion per year.
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“I think the biggest mistake people make is trying to make sense out of costs of mental illness,” Health Minister