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This weekend I attended the 2016 AHA Convention in Atlanta and was asked what my thoughts were on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I have been using this particular health insurance plan for many years, but after hearing many people speak out to make the ACA better, I was intrigued by the idea of helping others like me to navigate the health insurance system.

I spoke with the co-owners of IWIS Health Care and IWIS Health Insurance, the co-owners had agreed to join forces and provide health care access in the Atlanta area. We were also working together to produce a video explaining the importance of health insurance and why you should use it, so that you can help others like us. A few hours after I was announced as one of the speakers, I was asked by a fellow blogger to help write a blog post.

I wrote a blog post about my experiences with health insurance and the ACA (Obama Care). In the post you can see the challenges I faced and the things that helped me get through it. I had also received a letter from the insurer with the terms I had negotiated. This was a reminder that there were still some things that were not clear, and that the ACA could still go wrong.

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I also got a call from one of my co-owners to ask my opinion on whether it could be worthwhile to sell health insurance. Since I was working on my own personal health insurance policy, I didn’t know enough now about the ACA and my co-owners didn’t know much, either (even though they were knowledgeable about the law in general). At that time I had no idea where I would find coverage.

Fortunately enough, after doing some research online, I found a post I had published that was written for that has been picked up by news sites such as CBS, Politico and The Huffington Post. Since then it has gone viral and I have been contacted by numerous reporters around the world who wanted to discuss and report on this article.

As a result of all of this I was approached by a new co-owner who wanted to be

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