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A recent story out of Washington, DC featured a young woman who lost three of her family members in the US military but didn’t see her husband on the list of dead, only their children. Instead, her children were killed by a sniper, which made their mother cry, until that day. At first, she was confused and angry because of the senselessness of her loss, but then they brought her back to her senses as the people that killed her husband knew she was alive.

These stories were published in the Daily Mail and the New York Times respectively, and both stories spoke to a common question in the wake of the US government’s “kill list”: where is my family living right now?

The Daily Mail reports that a man from Afghanistan, known as the “American Taliban”, was responsible for the murders. An Army officer in Afghanistan said that a Taliban insider came into his command post while the base was under attack. The insurgent, who was believed to be a former member of al-Qaeda, “slashed up his soldiers”, killing and disorienting them. The officer then went to get him.

While the soldier was being led down the hallway to be interrogated, he had to take a shower to wash away the blood, and the commander was left in shock. The soldier then said to the commander, “He is dead, we killed him.”

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The officer then started to cry. The Taliban said, “You are not alone. You are our brother and we will find your children here too. You are going to find us. There is nowhere else you can go, the Taliban will find you.”

According to the Times, a woman and her children were killed in an incident in which a US patrol came under fire from an “unknown assailant”. The father and daughter were killed in the gun battle, the father killed himself shortly afterwards. A soldier in the family said that his daughter, who was also a civilian, wasn’t on the list of dead. The woman is not known to be at risk for being the next to

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