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No, it’s a bad skill. It will make you stupid.

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What are the benefits of spending your life doing this?

I want children that I can take to work in the morning and stay there from 11am to 5pm and I want kids that I get to take a walk with at 3pm and do it all day.

What are some mistakes you made? How did you learn?

I didn’t always spend enough time at school, so I spent a lot of time in art classes. I didn’t learn how to take good photos first. I was always thinking about things that people do. You would get so used to taking photos where there is an opportunity to do some really cool things that don’t always come for the photographers. What I was doing is a lot of the time I would have to go the bathroom somewhere and I’d look at the pictures and ask myself “this is not why I took this picture, I have to take this picture because there is an opportunity to mess with someone else”. I was always trying to do something that I felt was going to be cool, and a lot of the times it didn’t work. I think I learned that I am not good at thinking about something and making good shots. You might want to think about a lot of small things, like getting an idea before you go out. If you look at some of the better photographers you won’t find them thinking that often.

What are some of the dangers?

You can get so focused on taking photos, you will not pay enough attention to other things that are happening in the world, for example the war and people losing their jobs and stuff like this, which could be a great opportunity to take a little less time and take these photo’s that maybe might be boring, but you might find them inspiring. But there are so many pitfalls in life that if they aren’t taken care of, they can be pretty dangerous. For me it was the war, because I had never taken photos before. I thought “I don’t want to miss that opportunity, I want to make something cool, and I want to show the world the world”. It was a great opportunity to show the world the world. That kind of opportunity to show how much work we put into it, but in the long run we’re not going to get a lot of people who aren’t interested. That’s why I stopped taking pictures.

Tell me about those photos that you got? How did

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