Is Photoshop a good skill?

Why it can become a waste of time if you’ve never heard of it? Are you sure: yes, and why do you get sucked in in the first place? Join our weekly #AskIMP for a more in-depth look at the topic. Free View in iTunes

29 Clean #511 Photoshop in the Real World We’ve been asked this many times. How do I learn to do good and make things look better? The answer is that we’re all going to have our own approaches. Which is why I’ve recorded this podcast at an earlier stage. This time around it focuses on the things that are more concrete and easier to implement. The ones that are going to help you become a better photographer. The ones that will help you figure out where you stand as a shooter. The ones that will put your skill into practice. The ones that will be the foundation of your future creative career. So get ready. Listen up. Get ready. Get back in the saddle. And let’s get going… Free View in iTunes

30 Clean #510 Don’t Shoot at Midnight – A Photographer’s Perspective on a New Year’s Eve We’re about to hit the midnight hour on the 21st of December and this is a really special edition of Ask IMP. I’m talking with Andy Rourke from Dark Sky Productions, creator of ‘The Night’. Andy has made a career out of tracking down photographers who do not shoot in the dark and is always at the very forefront of the night photography community. He’s spent much of his life studying the art of dark night photography and his knowledge is extensive. He’s written about the subject so much that I felt compelled to do a follow-up interview. So when I first mentioned Andy in my first episode, I thought that I would do a follow-up interview a week later with a different photographer I didn’t have on the show. So today I’m releasing another one of my original episodes. We’ll be talking about a different person. So let’s get stuck right into it. Let’s get down to business and get to the topic at hand… Free View in iTunes

31 Clean #509 How to Shoot with Polaroid – How to Take Good Photos with Polaroid We all know about Polaroid. Polaroid is a brand name of cameras that emerged during the late 1940’s and had a huge impact on the photography industry. They were the first camera from which photography was widely produced and had cameras that were capable of taking professional quality pictures. Polaroid cameras are still