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Watermarks are a necessary part of keeping your content easily accessible to the user. If your photos or other content contain a photograph that’s already online, then an image watermark helps protect that content from possible users who may be unsure of if it’s the real you. You don’t need to take the full steps of creating a watermark, however, just something that keeps your image protected from copycat content.

Is it ok to have my photos taken in your studio?

Yes. As long as you are photographed in a manner that you’re comfortable with, you should be sure you can take photos in an environment that is suitable for your photography.

It appears that the only thing more depressing than getting fired from your job is getting fired from your mother’s home. An 18-month investigation by an independent investigative news media outlet found the Los Angeles County Department of Family and Protective Services (DFFPS) has “an institutionalized culture for punishing the poor.” It also alleged, in a report that featured allegations of abuse, that DFFPS has “an unusually high incidence of police abuse of the poor.”

On February 13, 2016, the Los Angeles Weekly published a report which called the nation’s second largest foster care agency “one of the most dysfunctional in the country.” The Los Angeles Times echoed the report as having claimed that “Dufresne is among a growing number of city agencies facing mounting criticism for their foster care systems.” It also noted that D.A.R.E.’s findings are “a sobering reminder that Los Angeles’ most vulnerable citizens—low-income children with serious health and behavioral challenges—are in the system and have a tough time coming up for air.” A follow-up article by the same publication went on to say that more than 100 “family members of children in D.A.R.E.’s custody have contacted [LAW] officials alleging abuse in the hands of supervisors and mistreatment by the agency,” which according to the Weekly amounted to “40 to 60 percent of the complaints reported to D.A.R.E.” An extensive report from the Los Angeles Times noted that while the Times was able to verify several of these “abusive” allegations, that was only “a small fraction of the abuse that has allegedly taken place over the last decade.”

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Forget the fact that only “a small fraction” of reported abuse occurred at D.A.R.E. or that it was a single incident. If it’s

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