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My sketchbook has two main uses:

1. Sketching out what I plan to draw.

2. Removing parts of the character or scenery I draw and replacing them with a sketch.

I like to use a sketchbook on computer, tablet, or smartphone, or on a laptop and a phone all in one. This way, I can always get a good idea of what I’m drawing, then start drawing exactly what I want to.

In my sketchbook on computer, I use a few different tools, but mostly I use the PenTool, Sharpener and Pencil Tool.

There are two kinds of pencils: Round or Thin. Round pencils can be used to erase the area of the sketch I don’t want to erase, but they are very messy to use. The most common thin and round pencils use some sort of a pressure to draw in the paper, but I prefer my pencils to be a bit more soft and pliable, which is more like wet erasing, while drawing.

You can also use another kind of pencil: Sharpie. These are small metallic balls of ink that are designed to be rubbed on paper and then erased with other tools before the pen is attached. These seem to be useful on most paper, unless you have very fine or uneven lines.

I find it very useful when creating logos, but I don’t tend to use them when drawing characters or landscape. It’s also important to not have big lines, so don’t use large letters and numbers, or a thick border. You don’t want to see the background and you want to focus your energy on the sketch of what you want to draw.
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I always draw all over my sketchbook and in the margins of all the pages. Sometimes I draw a lot of small drawings and use the drawing for background for a couple of days or weeks before I move on to the actual drawing and sketching.

A Note on Editing

When I first got into drawing, I was a total noob. I didn’t want to learn to draw the way artists used to draw a lot of years ago.

But after more than a decade of drawing the way artists used to draw, I now find it easy enough to draw pretty much what the artists I admired did. So why did I make the shift? A great place to find out is the art scene forums, specifically the D&D forums.

It took me a long

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