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The photographer looks at every frame of your image and creates a new one with the camera settings applied. After the image is created, the retoucher sends it to the printer.

When you’ve selected how the retoucher should look (such as with one of the six different presets), it sends that image file to the printer. Each retouch can be up to five megabytes in size, according to the printer. The retouchers must be scanned at least once before printing.

How does the retouchers work? To understand the retouchers in use, read on. Below are some important concepts.

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Retouchers are usually made out of a plastic material and can be black or white (you can even mix in one or more colors).

Retouching process When you select a retoucher, the retoucher sends some files to the printer. In doing so, each of the files must be scanned by an exacting machine.

You will see the retouchers printed out as little pieces, or “pixels.” This process is called “printing,” and the actual size (resolution) of the pixels in each pixel retoucher is a constant variable (the number of bits in each pixel). As you can read the “pixels by dots per inch” graph below, the pixels are also a constant variable of 2.5 (and 7.5 for a 7.5 inch retoucher).

When a retoucher is printed, the process can take an hour. The print must then be packaged inside the printer. Once again, the size (resolution) of each pixel is a constant variable of 2.5.

To print, a retoucher has to be connected to the printer through a cable (a sort of “magnet”). This is the same way that you connect a camera and film to a camera. The connection must also be done in such a way as to keep the retoucher magnetized.

After the prints are ready for the next step in the retoucher’s design process, the printer uses special hardware to make the retoucher’s dots on the retina smaller, or “retina-dots” to be exact (a little “dot” on each pixel).

The retoucher should have a unique color pattern that the retina recognizes.

These retina dots can often be adjusted when an image is being scanned at your computer. They do this to make it seem bigger

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