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A photojournalism degree is not a ‘course’ in photography, but a different type of degree that offers both the ability to become a competent photographer and is accredited through NSF/NCC’s Photojournalism & Digital Technology program. It is designed as an undergraduate photojournalism curriculum that can lead directly into graduate or professional photojournalism and/or digital media programs.

Students graduating from the PHIL 100 course will have at least a three-year degree in photojournalism or a related field such as multimedia. In order to obtain a photography degree, students must take one of three courses in:

Photography (NCCP)

Photography and Digital Technology (NCCDT)

Photography (NISTC)

All student enrolled in either the following types of photography degree programs will, at the completion of his/her PHIL 100 program, be qualified to work in any type of business, public relations or education; and will have some degree earned in visual/computer-assisted photography.

Graduates of the PHIL 100 course are currently enrolled in a graduate program in visual communications and visual journalism.

Program Summary
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The PHIL 100 is designed specifically for photography students and is designed to produce an established professional image of photojournalism, digital or photographic journalism, or, in cases where that is not possible, with the appropriate degree or course in photography.

In photography there are many possible subjects and situations to photograph and the ability to use a camera and a lens to achieve professional goals. The PHIL 100 is an elective.

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