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Cleaning up lines is quite common with Photoshop (or any software) after retouching, and cleaning up lines is not so easy.

The idea is to remove or reduce any kind of noise from an image, and also to reduce the effect of “jaggies” or rough lines on a photo.

There are several ways to deal with jaggies, but there are quite a few to choose from and learn about.

What are they?

If a photo is taken with a long exposure, like you would on a trip, then the lines will not be as clear or straight as they would be while the photo was just under the sun or in another light. This is the reason why the photographer must choose light conditions, light levels, shutter speeds and exposure time from photos taken with that same type of lighting.

That is why some of the most famous photographers, like Andy Warhol and Michael Jackson, used light bulbs, or at least a light source that was bright enough from a long exposure to keep the lines in focus.

You will also notice how some lines have a rough edge that they might not be possible to remove manually – you will see that in the tutorials below.
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What are they not, though?

Another reason that you might not think of them as jaggies but instead as scratches is that they can be caused by the photo being overexposed, or if the photo is actually processed incorrectly, or if the photo was taken on a digital camera that does not allow you to manually control exposure.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these. Let’s start with the most common.

Jagged lines

Jagged lines show that the photo has been taken under either too bright or too dark light depending on whether the lighting in the picture looks like you would find at the beach.

Sometimes these can be fixed easily using softening filters or adjustments to white balance when the photo is processed and retouched.

The problem of jagged lines however is that the picture is actually overexposed, and the resulting image may have rough edges or sharp corners on sharp or flat areas, for instance, on a photo of a car. This is also visible in photos of buildings, for instance – the image is blurry and smooth.

This is also how the jaggies appear in photos of people: they are uneven and irregular in appearance.


Often, lines can actually

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