What is Illustrator used for? – Description For Foap

Let’s take a look at what it is used for:


Microsoft Excel

Adobe Premiere (If you’ve only used Premiere to record video in film school).

Sketchup or vector graphics (like Vector Graphics or JPG).

For illustration work Illustrator excels. This is the “designing-out”, the painting-out, the sketching out of a design.

Designing out the look and feel of a web content can take awhile, but you’ll be able to quickly understand how to design-out an design for your site and how to develop the look and feel of the content to make it easier for the viewer. To illustrate what I’m talking about, let’s take a look:

You can see on the left hand side the web page is looking like a magazine with a layout that looks like it could be seen inside a magazine. It’s a mix of magazine layout and magazine format text. But now you can actually see a web page being designed in Illustrator. How does this work? Illustrator provides you the tools to draw the content as a vector style that you can layer on top of any layer you want in a single design. You can edit these vectors later as well, which gives you more control over your site content and more opportunities to add your own ideas to your designs

In essence, Illustrator is a “designing”-out tool. We have a tool that makes it easier for us to design things.


Photoshop is an awesome sketching tool. You should be using Photoshop for your design. One of the biggest things that people should do in Photoshop is make the site look like it will fit on screen.

The best way to achieve that is using Photoshop’s “Pen Tool” or “Curves Tool”. The same as the Pen Tool, but the Curves Tool is on an angled, rounded, plane. The curves tool is also called the “Curve Tool”. This way you can curve the content onto the screen.

Photoshop includes a number of different filters that you can use, and as a designer, you should have access to all of them.

How do you do 3D Screens and 2D Tables?

Let’s say we need to create a 3D site. A good example that comes to mind is using Photoshop to render a 3D website in HTML. In this scenario, we create a web page that is “3

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