What is the future outlook for a photographer? – Alamy

I still have a lot of work to do: a book, more book projects…so while I have time, it is going to take time.

Is it possible to make a living doing this kind of work in London and Paris?
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I try to keep my head around some sort of minimum and get into a position where it can be worth it. It comes down to the quality of work and the clients. You can just show your portfolio to as many people as you can, but it’s very difficult to see yourself continuing on with it unless you have some sort of income and some sort of funding, so I have to think long and hard about whether or not I want to get into this.

How do you find your inspiration if you work from the streets of New York and go out to other places?

We’ve done everything, from standing for six hours in front of a camera in the street; to doing something where the photographer shoots the image over the ground with the camera, a long shot with a camera and a light attached to the end of a rope, to just taking a moment to look at what I see…I like to see what’s around me and try and work my way around, it’s something that I have the ability to do, it took a long time to start and I know I can do it.

Do you always end up photographing with your phone?

I have to say I only used my phone when I was working in London. I have a feeling they weren’t very popular with the cops when I began out there, but from the moment I moved to London, I knew one or two guys, and the majority were just on the street all the time! It is hard to find someone interested in you when you can walk around in London like a completely blank canvas and get work from pretty much everyone you encounter – it feels like everyone in London is a photographer at some point, and I find that interesting.

Your work in London is extremely varied with street, urban, architecture, etc etc. What other photography interests do you have outside of photography?

I have a background working at the British Library, working on books, archives, documents…the work I do has a lot of reference to documents, it is my job to find out what people were doing in their past that may have relevance for us. I also use books and manuscripts to find information about the past. The Library, the National Archives and the British Museum have

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