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It’s a craft. And it’s one of those craft that’s so important to this country. But it’s not just one of three or four different kinds of art. It’s more like this whole system of production and distribution.


AVC: It does feel like it’s in the midst of an incredible art renaissance. You wrote about the art scene in South Park awhile back, but even before the new season, this was a kind of cultural moment. How has the show been doing since that came out?

JB: I’ll just say that the show has a lot less to do with religion or politics and politics than I remember when it launched, back in 2000. The show was already kind of controversial. We were just going to do it, and they weren’t going to cancel it.

AVC: Is there any specific story you’re trying to tell about the show?

JB: We just try to put the kind of stories we want to read as funny as possible. There aren’t too many people that would say, “I think you’re funny.” In a way, we want that to be true; it doesn’t mean anything. As a writer, you’re trying to make that kind of statement of, “Yeah, I think my friends and family are hilarious.” So, yeah, it’s just getting people to laugh. We try to just make people laugh, especially at the expense.


AVC: You mentioned your friend, Adam Sandler. How do you make him feel like his joke is funny? Do you make it through the day? Did any of the other SNL castmates ever get through the day?

JB: [Laughs.] The thing with Adam is [that] he’s a great actor, but he does one great show a year and there’s not really much to talk about—he’s really doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

AVC: What do you think makes Adam Sandler more funny than Tina Fey or Melissa McCarthy?

JB: You know, I think that one’s kind of interesting and we do talk a lot about Adam and what he’s doing: We talk about his success, you know. What do you do with success? You think of people. You look to where you are or where you want to be and what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses? Who are your biggest allies? Who are your biggest enemies? What do you want people to think about

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